Extended Reality

Transforming storytelling across industries with revolutionary extended reality tools

You see it every day In commercials, drama, and film productions — immersive Extended Reality (XR) experiences that tell rich, dynamic stories.

XR transforms an ordinary physical space into a dynamic, photorealistic extended reality stage, unlocking a world of creative possibilities. It combines colossal LED canvases, precision camera tracking, and lifelike lighting to create a seamless blend of physical and virtual worlds.

Beyond entertainment, XR is now transforming the way we experience news, sports, corporate events, and education. Thanks to simple, seamless workflow integration, more and more industries can now rely on XR’s high-quality storytelling possibilities.

Powered by Unreal Engine 5, the Reality platform of out-of-the-box tools redefines storytelling in XR. Combine it with our Traxis Talent Tracking and Camera Tracking to create unrivaled, photorealistic graphics in real time. Welcome to the future of immersive XR experiences.

In short

  • Supports Unreal Engine 5.3.

  • Multi-camera integration with industry-leading LED processors.
  • Support for flat LED Walls, cube and curved LED volumes.

Single control interface
Efficient. Effective. Fun to use. The Reality Hub system controls all of our graphics platforms, giving operators confidence, flexibility, and control. It also saves time and reduces errors by integrating with newsroom systems, studio automation, and other data providers to streamline data handling processes.

Worklow XR

Zero Density Academy

Want to master real-time broadcast graphics and virtual sets? Our online Reality  learning hub, Zero Density Academy, provides in-depth video courses and structured certification paths.

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