Improve the engagement and impact of your corporate communication and marketing with virtual production and real-time motion graphics

Are your marketing and internal communications as engaging as they could be?

Zero Density’s integrated virtual production and real-time motion graphics solutions are an easy-to-use, cost-effective way to make corporate comms and marketing more impactful. Our broadcast expertise can transform the way your company communicates, helping your message to resonate with the right target audience, wherever they are.

Efficient and easy to use

Transform your corporate communication and marketing with a virtual studio that’s flexible, easy to manage and control, and quick to adapt. You can shoot a product demo in the morning, then switch to a global meeting setup with virtual screens in a Zoom-style grid for the afternoon.

We do not have a trained studio or sound technician. We use our standardized system with various presets like board meeting chat or presentation for employees. Operating the studio should be simple and standardized. This was a very important aspect to us.

Frank Arens, RWE Head of Public Relations


Grab your audience’s attention with compelling storytelling

You don’t need a lot of space, or a large team of skilled technicians to put super photorealistic virtual environments at the heart of your internal and external communications. 

Our experience with the virtual studio has been really great because you’re just limited by your imagination. Whatever you want to visualize you can do it with a studio like this, and that’s a huge advantage.

Dominik Stoecker, ifm group Executive Producer


A multifunctional virtual production studio from Zero Density makes it easy to include dynamic, visually appealing content in your branded webinars, town hall meetings, or product demonstrations. Think Augmented Reality elements like 3D objects, data-driven graphics, and virtual screens showing presentation slides. Or on-air graphics like lower thirds, intro leaders and presenter titles. It’s quick and easy to change the virtual set to suit each target audience and message. 

Personalized solutions plus global partner network

Zero Density’s global network of strategic partners can provide tailored and turnkey solutions that help your organization deliver extremely high-quality content to a global audience, fast. A virtual studio eliminates the need for travel when you want to deliver an in-person message to a distributed workforce or customer base. It’s a quicker, easier and more sustainable way to communicate.

“In our daily work, having a digital solution to contact employees quickly is essential. This studio is our broadcasting hub with a multifunctional structure that can quickly broadcast our management board’s statements to the world. This is crucial, especially in times of social media, where a quick response is so important.”

Frank Arens, RWE Head of Public Relations


Virtual production enhances audience engagement, and increases the impact of your messages. Zero Density provides a cost-effective, end-to-end solution that makes it easy to create clear, compelling video content that will transform the way your company communicates.


Reality5 is a virtual production platform that brings limitless possibilities to life. This comprehensive solution enhances storytelling by enabling creators to produce hyper photorealistic real time graphics for Virtual Studio, Augmented Reality and Extended Reality (curved, flat and cube LED) productions. Redeveloped from the ground up, with dynamic visuals, data-driven graphics, and seamless workflow integration, it is, simply put, a new paradigm for visual storytelling.

Reality Hub
Imagine a world where technology merges seamlessly with creativity, and operational efficiency meets storytelling prowess. That world is Reality Hub — the driving force behind the next generation of enhanced visual storytelling.

Control all your existing (broadcast) technology, editorial environments and data providers via one dynamic HTML5 interface. Reality Hub’s centralized control system boosts efficiency and control.

Lino is a new real-time motion graphics platform that supports both On Air Graphics and Video Wall Control, Lino is a giant leap forward for creativity, efficiency and integration. Its intuitive interface gives motion graphics designers familiar animation timelines and tools, so it’s easy to switch from existing applications. 

Traxis Talent Tracking
Traxis gives talent the freedom to move around the studio without physical limitations or wearables. Real-time tracking enables instantaneous rendering of virtual shadows and reflections, exactly where your brain expects them, maintaining a hyper-photorealistic scene. Talent can even appear to walk around and interact with virtual objects, making them seem completely realistic.

Zero Density Academy

Want to master real-time broadcast graphics and virtual sets? Our online Reality learning hub, Zero Density Academy, provides in-depth video courses and structured certification paths.

About Zero Density
We provide integrated solutions for virtual production and real time motion graphics, blending technology and expertise to deliver enhanced storytelling that makes a real impact. Our rock-solid solutions boost operational efficiency and deliver results you can rely on. Zero Density is your forward-thinking industry partner.

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